Executive Business Dashboard 101


Executive Business Dashboard 101 helps align focus on Key Success Areas and Metrics that Matter to help you communicate productively.

The course will provide participants the necessary skills and knowledge to address the skills required to

  • Aim at Basic C Level Presentation from Multi-Dimensional Views for Ease of Decision Making
  • To Strategize and Initiate Basic Business Intelligence within Business Environments
  • Big Data and The Ability to See Cross-Functional
  • Understand Key KPIs and Focus on Metrics that Matter
  • Understand, Evaluate, Analyse to Develop, Make and Support an Argument
  • Simple Dashboard Creation
  • Influence with Story Telling
  • Hands-On Demo and Presentation
  • Real life examples, Peer to Peer Learning and Sharing of Experiences

Education, consulting and professional services

Organizations today function in a complex web of integrated supply chain systems and channels where success, pain points and issues are highly inter-connected for best results. Management are focused in key result areas that impacts shareholder interests and are looking to these dashboards and metrics to understand the pulse of their business.

Professionals are presented with various analysis, methodologies, technologies and tools but the basic gap remains on

  • 'What decision makers want to see' vs 'What is presented'
  • Reliance of technical experts to manage technical tools rather than exercised business judgements
  • Lack of Cross-Functional Considerations, Causes &/or Impacts
  • Too much time taken for weekly, monthly reporting

Technical experts are still teaching complex analysis, programming and calculation methodologies which can further add to the stress and create phobia to individual roles and becomes an hindrance to focus on big business objectives. Management Meetings and Data does not need to scare you anymore! Students can confidently take on business analyst roles while Professionals can attend boardroom meetings with confidence! Create your business story telling in a structured and impact manner.

Thu Aug 27, 2015
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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Singapore Polytechnic
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